Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Police Blotter: July 24-30

Stowe Police Statistics

Total incidents: 112
Total tickets: 10
Total warnings: 20

From recent reports:

July 24, Stowe Mountain Resort reported someone smashed a van’s window and stole a saw.
July 25, mailboxes were vandalized along Moscow Road.
July 25, Eric Lande of Morrisville reported money stolen from a locker at the Stowe Gym.
July 25, Cristian Sola of Buenos Aires reported a missing passport in Stowe.
July 26, Robin Unruh reported a wallet was lost off Mountain Road.
July 26, a dog was impounded off Pinnacle Road.
July 26, the Pizza Joint reported money stolen from its registers — $82 cash and $45 in pennies.
July 28, Joe Santanna of Stowe reported keys were missing.
July 28, a dog was impounded off Mountain Road.
July 28, Zachary Lewis, 18, address unknown, was charged with unlawful mischief and disorderly conduct.
July 28, Scott Gowen, age unknown, of Morrisville was charged with uttering a forged instrument.
July 28, Bruce Godin of Stowe reported a pager was missing at the Stowe Recreation Fields.
July 29, Jessica Chace of Jericho reported a purse was stolen from a locker at the Swimming Hole.
July 29, a dog was impounded off Pinnacle Road.
July 30, Hillary Giaconomelli of Stowe reported several items stolen from a car — an ipod, wallet, cash and credit cards, and a cellular telephone.


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