Friday, September 08, 2006

In under the wire

A little footnote on the police blotter this week: It barely made the presses.

Typically, I'll stroll (or drive) down to the Stowe Police Station on Monday morning for an hour sit-down with Police Chief Ken Kaplan to go over the last week's police reports. It's a good way to start out the day. Stowe Police (I'd link here to their Web site, but they don't have one) are located about a half-mile away from our office here on 49 School Street.

Well, Monday was Labor Day, so the station was closed. I called Tuesday, and discovered that the chief wasn't in this week. He was -- drum roll -- on vacation! So, I tried to find someone else who could make it happen.

Late Wednesday morning (the day we go to press) I found my man, officer Darron Tabor. He saved the police blotter for this week's paper. Without his last-minute heriocs, most reader's probably wouldn't have known by Thursday that police had found Armitron watch in the bushes off Covered Bridge Road, or that the Depot Street Malt Shop reported a skunk had found its way into a closet.

Can you smell that smell?


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